Coping in a fast paced world


Fast food.  This is our world now.  Everyone does it.  Everyone goes to that favorite fast food place where they can grab food on their way to the next event.  There are sport practices, music lessons, concerts, friends, and all kinds of other commitments.  Sadly, fast food is not so convenient for people with autoimmune disorders.

These past few weeks, we have been on the go, much more than usual.  My bonus daughter was also in town for 5 weeks.  That was wonderful.  She definitely is not used to our kind of diet, so we did eat many more potatoes, rice, grains, and SUGAR!  My body can surely feel the difference in diet.  I am in much more pain and just exhausted all of the time.

This week I made the decision to eliminate all grains, caffeine, and processed sugars from my diet to hopefully feel somewhat human before classes resume for my preschoolers in September.  Yes.  It takes up to a month for some toxins to leave your body.

So the past few days, I have felt my entire fibers and being just CRAVING sugar and grains.  I remember this from when I gave up gluten and dairy.  All I wanted to do was eat gluten.

Cooking and eating clean takes not only being committed, but dedication and time.  Food was not meant to be fast.  When it is “fast” you are compromising somewhere.  Real food takes time to cook.  Need something fast?  Grab those baby carrots and some hummus.  Cut up a melon.  Try a handful of seeds.  As my body resets, I hope that the inflammation in my muscles goes down and I begin to feel more human soon.  If you are considering cleaning up your diet, remember it will be so difficult at first, but the rewards are better than you can believe!   Wish me strength as I embark on this Paleo journey!

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