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Inflammation sucks.  I have been struggling with inflammation for a few weeks now.  My hands are stiff and hurt.  My fingers go numb.  It has not been fun.  I looked again at my diet.  Rice triggered this round of inflammation.

As I cut out rice, but continued eating corn, potatoes, quinoa, and other grains, I noticed the inflammation was still present, but not as severe.  What does this mean?  Time to go AIP Paleo again.

AIP…Auto-immune Protocol is a more restrictive paleo diet, where all grains, legumes, alcohol and other inflammation triggering foods are eliminated.  They can be reintroduced later, to see if it is a food that causes an immune response or not later.

Although I know grains are causing me to retain water and this edema is painful and annoying, I am having trouble giving them up.  Why?  Grains are in so many foods!  Also, baking with coconut flour and without eggs is not for the fainthearted.  I have had so many failed baking attempts lately, I have become a bit disheartened.  Today, I was able to have some time off from work, so I am doing my AIP research.  Thankfully, there are some recipes for desserts and baked goods.  However, there are not many.

Baking in and of itself is a delicate chemistry that not everyone can master.  I was barely able to bake when I had to eliminate eggs.  I had some flops, but eventually learned to bake without eggs.  Next was gluten, which holds/binds the baked goods.  I learned what to substitute, after many more flops.  Now, going Paleo, we are back to flops.  I threw out an entire recipe of pancakes after it was a complete fail and burned black!  It is so frustrating because coconut and almond flours need much more liquid, a binder (usually eggs), and something to leaven it.  I am experimenting with gelatin eggs, flax eggs, xanthan gum, and baking powder eggs to replace eggs in a recipe.  This is so much easier said than done.

Through struggle comes growth, and I am confident that as soon as I figure out the chemistry of egg-less paleo baking, I will be able to substitute recipes.  I did get a new oven delivered today, so I plan to use this day off baking my heart out and researching tips and suggestions from people who have been baking paleo much longer than I.  Wish me luck, and stay tuned to see my successes and failures.  I do plan to share failures, because that is how we learn.  FAIL….First Attempt In Learning.  Happy baking!

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