Spice Up Your Life!!

One of the problems with Hashimoto’s Disease is that it causes weight gain.  Weight gain, in turn, causes other health issues like hypertension.  What is the first thing your doctor wants you to change when diagnosed with high blood pressure?  LIMIT SALT INTAKE!

I do not have hypertension right now, but there are times my blood pressure goes up fairly high.  Usually for me, this is temporary and when my medications are adjusted, my blood pressure goes back to normal.  Regardless, I do try to watch how much sodium I consume.  Many people get worried when they think they need to cut out the salt.  How will I eat anything that tastes good again?

It’s time to spice up your life!

Seasoning food is not hard, but it is scary.  What if it tastes funny?  What if I use too much?  What if I don’t like the flavors I combine?  Fear not!  Experiment.  Have fun!

Fun with spices?  Sure, why not.  Research different spices on the internet.  It is pretty easy to find out what the herbs and spices work with your meat or fish.   Just remember, more is more!  Keep adding extra spices until that flavor pops and your taste buds dance!


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